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Career Paths


Cybersecurity professionals work to protect companies of all sizes from data breaches and attacks. Demand for highly qualified cybersecurity professionals is growing exponentially as hackers leverage new tools and techniques to access sensitive data.

Careers in this field include:

  1. Security Architect
  2. Security Consultant
  3. Penetration Tester/Ethical Hacker
  4. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Information Technology

Information Technology focuses on the study of systems used for storing, retrieving, and sending information. Careers in this field deal with the design, creation, delivery, and management of computer and telecommunication systems.

Careers in this field include:

  1. Mobile Application Development
  2. Cloud Solutions Architect
  3. Computer Programmer
  4. Computer and Information Research Scientists


Engineering is a diverse profession that offers many career pathways for growth and success. Each day we encounter products and services that were built by engineers that make our day-to-day lives safer and more convenient.

Careers in this field include:

  1. Electrical Engineer
  2. Civil Engineer
  3. Nuclear Engineer
  4. Computer Hardware Engineer


Becoming an entrepreneur opens the door to career paths that can turn your dreams into reality. The direction you choose will largely depend on your skillsets, willingness to take a risk, financial stability, and the ability to focus on solutions not problems. There is no better way to become your own boss and get your own company off the ground.

Careers in this field include:

  1. CEO of Start-Up Company
  2. Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Manager
  3. Creative Consultant
  4. Social Media Influencer

Computer Science

Computer Science majors study how to design computers and systems, develop software applications, and explore a variety of programming languages used to build these applications. Students graduating with a degree in Computer Science will find more job openings then graduates available to fill them.

Careers in this field include:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Solutions Architect
  3. Web Development
  4. Network Administrator

Project Management

A career in Project management provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that a project’s activities are completed to client spec and within an agreed upon budget and timeline. Project managers can find opportunities to work in nearly any kind of company or organization.

Careers in this field include:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Technical Project Managers
  3. Portfolio Manager


If you have a head for figures and an interest in using math to solve business problems, then a career focused on mathematics is for you. According to the Mathematical Association of America, jobs for statisticians, actuaries, and mathematicians are among some of the most promising in the field.

Careers in this field include:

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientists
  2. Economists
  3. Financial Analysts
  4. Actuaries


Innovators help companies evolve and adapt to by discovering high-impact market opportunities, incubating solutions by experimenting with technology and business concepts, and accelerating the development of these concepts so they can be sustainable in the long-term.

Careers in this field include:

  1. Self Driving Car Engineer
  2. 3d Printing Engineer
  3. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  4. Entrepreneurship

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